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It's now or never to make a great first impression
Si l’automne était une chanson; serait-elle triste ou joyeuse ?

If fall was a song; would she be sad or happy?

Summer is a time of "self-evident nonchalance". And as far as I'm concerned, it shows clearly in terms of clothing (t-shirts, shorts of light fabrics and sandals). But when the first measurements of autumn are heard, when the cold returns and there are more leaves at the bottom of the pool than i...
La petite Mya veut sourire à la vie.

The small Mya wants to smile at life.

I'm baffled but I know that we must go forward in spite of and "with" this drama. It is necessary that this hatred towards a child gives more meaning to the love that one has to give them. It is our collective consciousness to take a step, whatever it may be, in the meaning of life is to honor th...
Alain Dumas se vêtir pour mieux s’épanouir.

Alain Dumas dress to better flourish.

Probably I realized at this age the power of clothes, the well-being that they may allow us to feel, the influence they may have on our way of we affirm, as well as the look that others will have on what emerges.