• If fall was a song; would she be sad or happy?

    Summer is a time of "self-evident nonchalance". And as far as I'm concerned, it shows clearly in terms of clothing (t-shirts, shorts of light fabrics and sandals). But when the first measurements of autumn are heard, when the cold returns and there are more leaves at the bottom of the pool than in the trees, it is normal for disappointment to occur. Voir le message
  • Now I want to sing "I Left My Heart In Chicago"

    What attracts me to Chicago? These stories of the Italian mafia with their larger than life characters (such as Al Capone) in the style of clothing marking the 1920s (three-piece suit, suspenders and pocket square). Voir le message
  • Little Mya wants to smile at life.

    I am confused but I know that we have to move forward despite and "with" this drama. This hatred towards a child must give even more meaning to the love that we should have for them. It is our collective conscience to take a step, whatever it is, in the direction of life to honor childhood, to protect it too. Voir le message

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