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Now I want to sing " I Left My Heart In Chicago "

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The summer is made for take a vacation! And for the start I decided to visit Chicago!

What attracts me to Chicago ? The architecture, huge lake , the blues, the basketball legend Michael Jordan and, of course, these stories of the Italian mafia with its characters larger-than-life (like Al Capone) the style of dress marking the years ’20 (three-piece suit, suspenders and pocket handkerchief).

First step in this short journey of 5 days, a guided tour on lake Michigan and the Chicago river. Wow this city of water and architecture reveals an urban planning exceptional. The calmness of the water and the hustle and bustle of the city and are a household perfect.


The bike trails on the shores of lake Michigan are perfectly maintained. The sports of all kinds feel at home in the windy city.


Speaking of sport, how could we not mention the Cubs and White Sox in baseball, the Bears in the NFL, the Black Hawk hockey and the Bulls at the sneakers ball. Moreover, my athlete's ultimate to me is Michael Jordan's legendary number 23 of the Bulls. I visited a pseudo museum of sport, and I also photographed proudly next to a giant display of my idol number 23 with my t-shirt, Toronto Raptors (champions of the NBA 2019)


The Blues is featured in several bars in Chicago. I took the meal and attended a very good show at the House Of Blues. The atmosphere was warm and lively and there has been no hitch in the must be said that at the entrance, as in many public establishments in the area, there is an indication that firearms are prohibited inside...Oops...I dare not to imagine that without this indication, the spectators would have been able to brandish their weapon...for a reminder.

In the end, I discovered one of the most beautiful cities in North America. Of more I realise how much the trips are a source of renewal. Not need to go long or far, just to soak up a new world to open its antennas (not our cell phones, but rather our sense) and to be guided by the discovery. Out, each time one comes back home, in his routine, but with a new look, a richer perspective for dealing with life.


Have a good summer, happy travels.

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