The family "one for all and all for one"

Recently we made yet another family trip. I must say that I made it a tradition.











As much for my wife as for me, family vacations marked our childhood. In the past, dads were generally less present with children on a daily basis, which means that, in my case, the 2 weeks at Hampton Beach that my father allowed himself to live with his were unique to me!

Besides, see this little "Humoristico-Nostalgic" video that I made, a few years ago, by adapting the words of the success "Rockcollection" by French Laurent Voulzy to my memories of my youth, all of Quebec.



This video highlights the happiness of summer family vacations.


Nowadays, many families travel at different times of the year, cherishing those moments spent together.


Obviously, I know that I am intense with the happiness of "my family cocoon" because it is true that Delphine and Antoine (my children) are now between 29 and 25 years old, and that in addition they are a couple each of their sides. But believe that we have passed on this value to them ... whatever a friend rightly told me; "As long as their vacation is paid for by their parents, they would be crazy not to take advantage of it." To which I retort "well, well ... at least I know they are not crazy ...". The fact remains that this time we opted for Greece with a backpack, all four, like four young people… I will not tell you about the whole trip, but I will tell you that through the wonderful landscapes of the islands that we have visited,















the beautiful encounters with locals, what I will keep the most in mind, is the memory of a trip to the very heart of our own family unit, yet often visited, but never with the same light, the same complexity, the same intensity.


Our family, like the rest of the world evolves, our child-adults are more and more leaders of their own destinies, of their own choices, and know more and more what their needs and their limits are. This trip was good times and less funny moments. But this recent journey is above all the illustration of a group, which, like the most faithful friends, all agree to respect the other, to help him, to support him, to love him. As Alexandre Dumas said; "All for one and one for all". For me, my family is my greatest asset!


There will come a time when we will no longer be able to repeat this type of trip, only the four of us, but I dare to believe that, just as my parents transmitted it to me, that this tradition of family vacations will make its way through the generations and that one day Grandpa Alain will watch his grandchildren on the beach…


Alain Dumas.


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