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Frank Sinatra : Une époque malheureusement révolue !

Frank Sinatra : An era unfortunately long gone !

When people ask me what I like from the era of Frank Sinatra, I have in mind (before you even think about the music) " the clothes ". For men, the jackets, the shoulders well drawn, bending, lightweight fabric, thanks to the emergence of the tailors, the italians, the hats... For women, elegant dresses, sizes, arched, rounded shoulders...And in the end, and above all, the gallantry !

Yes, I have always been struck by the romanticism that reigned in the years ’40 and ’50, and then less and less from the beginning of the years ’60 !
This way that had the men to enter into contact with the women, courtesy, respect, sensitivity, and TIME... The time to look at it, let it grow into a flame, of desire, and to wait if it's for the better...

Time to dream for this powerful sense of the other, eventually, inhabiting not only our bodies, but our whole being. For each time to the other reminds us that the process which leads to love has as much value as the love itself.

In short be romantic it is a general attitude, a listening heart, which makes us think to the other, and how we want to show him that we love him, spontaneously and simply...small text messages daily just to say hello, how are you, I love you...

In fact, the romance, it is respect for the other in all its forms, it is very simple and it is a gift that does not cost anything !

The questioning of the traditional values of the post-Sinatra was normal, just as the revolution of manners which followed. By contrast, the individuality that is the legacy we are somewhat distant from the other, which, happening now AFTER so... Despite everything, I continued to let the women BEFORE me... and left to go to a character from another time...

Brief as it is from the era of Frank Sinatra or Justin Bieber, one realizes all, sooner or later, that our individuality (or our identity) is dependent on the others !

In closing I tell you about how my son, laughed the day I told her how I had seduced his mother " in our young time "... I was looking for since several months a way to charm this girl who was in the same versatile as me. When we were in a party disco with friends, I took my courage in both hands and I asked the guy who put the music to take a break in order to let me sing a song of Frank Sinatra to all the girls present. When I started to sing, with all my heart, I fixai of the look that I was hoping for with the whole truth of the world in the eyes...and Then after my performance, the applause, the party resumed its course ...but a little flame was lit, and for a long time...

When my son told me "dad cé, therefore, ben kétaine your story..." to which I replied ; " It may be kétaine my guys...but you'll know that this girl, today is your mother...poi if it was not Frank Sinatra...well, you wouldn't be here today ..."

Alain Dumas
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