An unfortunate era has passed!

When I was asked what I liked in Frank Sinatra's time, I thought ("clothes"). For men, short jackets, well-designed shoulders, curved, lightweight fabrics, thanks to the emergence of Italian tailors, hats... Women, elegant skirts, curved sizes, round shoulders... Most importantly, fashion!

Yes, I've been influenced by Romanticism in the 1940s and 1950s, and it's getting less and less since the early 1960s!
This is the way men approach women, politeness, respect, sensitivity and time... Time, look at themselves, indulge in the flames, yearn for themselves, look forward to themselves, if at best

Dream time, in order to let this strong feeling eventually not only live in our body, but also live in our whole life. In order to remind us every moment, the process leading to love is as important as love itself.

In short, romance is a general attitude, an attitude that listens to the heart, reminds us of another person, reminds us of how to let him know that we love him, spontaneously and simply

In fact, romanticism is all forms of respect for others. It's very simple. It's a gift without any cost!

After Sinatra, it is normal for traditional values to be questioned, as is the moral revolution that followed. On the other hand, as the heritage of personal heritage, we are some distance away from another person, while the other person is now behind... Nevertheless, I continue to let women ahead of me... Even if I pretend to be someone of another era

In a word, whether we are Frank Sinatra or Justin Bieber, sooner or later we will realize that our personality ("or our identity") depends on the personality of others!

Finally, I'll tell you that my son laughed all day, and I'll tell him how I seduced his mother "when we were young"... For months, I've been looking for a way to confuse this multi-functional girl like me. When we were at a disco, I used my hands to pluck up courage, let the music player have a rest, let me sing a Frank Sinatra song for all the girls here. When I started singing, I used my whole heart to look at the truth of the world in the eyes of the person I wanted... Then after my performance, in applause, the party started its stage again... But a little bit of fire has been lit, and for a long time

When my son said to me, "Dad is your story..." I replied, "maybe this is my child..." but you will know that today this girl is your mother, if it wasn't Frank Sinatra... You wouldn't be here today... "

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