Alain Dumas se vêtir pour mieux s’épanouir.

Alain Dumas dress to better flourish.

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As far as I can remember I think the first time in my life where I wore a suit jacket, it was during my first communion ! I don't know if it is the presence of the God who made it, but I felt bigger ! In fact, more seriously, let's say that the "dress me up as a gentleman" (should I say the top of my 7 years) to allow me to be a man, but especially a man stylish.

Probably I realized at this age the power of clothes, the well-being that they may allow us to feel, the influence they may have on our way of we affirm, as well as the look that others will have on what emerges.

Even today I love to dress me up as a gentleman, and wear jackets and blazers for all kinds of occasions. For my show "Sinatra to Bublé" the full is to evoke the rich era of the crooners where the elegance was flamboyant. In this case, the colours are more sober and classic.

Otherwise, in the lives, whether it be for television or for few appointments whatsoever, which turns me on when the time comes for me to dress, it is to be able to marry the casual look with a tinge of elegance in nuance. Like wearing a jean and a t-shirt, decorated with a beautiful jacket, gives me, what I call a style of " chic-relaxed ". Or simply with a jean super "in", shoes mi-sport, mi-chic, and to give eclat to this mixture very relaxed, I love to put a touch of elegance with just a shirt, but a shirt that "score" looks like the defender of the mode PK Subban. But one thing is certain, in all cases, comfort should be at the rendezvous !

To be well dressed it is, above all, feel good. Then if, in addition, it makes it grow as I did at 7 years old...and well I will not say no because it seems that shrink with aging

Alain Dumas

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