Little Mya wants to smile at life.

While I am in the last sprint before the Enfant Soleil telethon (next June 2), immersed in stories that are sometimes heartbreaking but very often inspiring, I prepare the coming, in front of the cameras of TVA, of children who, with their families , will testify to their hope for a better life!


So you will understand that when I see stories of children abused by their parents like this innocent little victim in Granby I am confused ...


I am confused but I know that we have to move forward despite and "with" this drama. This hatred towards a child must give even more meaning to the love that we should have for them. It is our collective conscience to take a step, whatever it is, in the direction of life to honor childhood, to protect it too.


So I rush more towards any gesture that can bring love. And helping sick children is a step in the right direction for me, a beneficial light for our humanity.


Among my bright discoveries this year is little Alexis, suffering from Dravet syndrome, with whom I share the screen for the advertising of Maison Enfant Soleil.

This playful little guy you see in the ad is experiencing a lot less happy moments these last days having to undergo a battery of tests. But resilience is one of its weapons.


Same thing for little Mya who suffers from several pathologies but who wants to smile for life.


The telethon is a huge annual television production. It's 15 continuous hours of music, guest artists, touching testimonies, songs, careful lighting .... So when at the end of the day Quebec claims, with rich emotion, the amounts collected, that's all this pride in life that results.


For these too many sick children and their loved ones, 15 hours of homage to life live on television represents an essential beacon since when the cameras go out it is 8,745 hours which will elapse before the next beacon.


"Life is so fragile" yes, but together we are stronger. Long live childhood, Long live Life.


Alain Dumas



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