Si l’automne était une chanson; serait-elle triste ou joyeuse ?

If fall was a song; would she be sad or happy?

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For my part it would be a song whose introduction would be a little sad. But I must admit that the chorus of autumn (which is the same, year after year) does not displease me on the contrary.


The leaves of the blushing trees, the children who have gone back to school, the night falling earlier, etc ...


And you have to recognize that if there was no fall as a buffer, winter would be a drastically unbearable song. Me who loves summer, its lightness, its light, its warmth and who would like it to always stretch a little more, because my heart feels there on vacation. Summer is a time of "self-evident nonchalance". And as far as I'm concerned, it shows clearly in terms of clothing (t-shirts, shorts of light fabrics and sandals). But when the first measurements of autumn are heard, when the cold returns and there are more leaves at the bottom of the pool than in the trees, it is normal for disappointment to occur. But it was then that I got the urge to review my wardrobe and find pieces of clothing that will bring me into harmony with my mood. New jeans, a colorful shirt, a pair of warm stockings, a sweater, a sports jacket ...


Add to that the many gastronomic and wine-making family occasions which for me are very appreciated during the color season. Without forgetting the different festivals (Oktoberfest, Halloween, etc…)


In short, as the greatest quality of the human being is "to adapt" I decide then to see the passage to the autumn as "a small detour". And in terms of detours, summer has prepared us long in advance with its dominant color, its countless orange cones.


With that, whether you're listening to Indian Summer, It's Raining Again, or The Dead Leaves, I wish you a great fall.


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See you soon,

Alain Dumas

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