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Privacy policy

Protection Of The Private Life

The shop Option and your privacy 

For more than 25 years, the name "Shop Option" is synonymous with trust. For us, you are a important customer and we are committed to respecting the trust you place in us honor.

This document presents the policy of protection of the privacy of the Shop Option. It describes each of the steps that we follow to protect the personal information of our customers, as well as to collect, use, store and disclose such information, we have obtained online, or through the offer and delivery of any of our services.

What is meant by " personal information "? 

By "personal information" we mean any information used to identify a person, but not including some of the company details of an employee of an organization. It is, therefore, information such as name, address, telephone number, date of birth, credit card numbers, purchase history and email address of a person.

Collection, use and disclosure of your personal information - provision of products and services 

Shop Option collects, uses and discloses your personal information for the purpose of offering you products and services and inform you about products and services that may be of interest to you. In addition, it collects, uses and discloses your personal information in order to comply with the laws and regulatory requirements put in place, as well as purposes that are permitted or required by the laws in force.

  • (a) Collection

We collect your personal information in connection with our offering of products and services, including when you :

  • contact a representative of our customer service;
  • you sign up to our newsletter or to any other of our vehicles of communication;
  • participate in a contest, a promotional event or a survey;
  • you sign up to join our clientelling list or use our shopping service customized;
  • interact with Shop Option on the social media.

We collect your personal information for many purposes, including to :

  • manage our operations and create accounts maintained for you;
  • confirm your identity to ensure our mutual protection;
  • you offer products, services and promotions, and to confirm your eligibility for our offer;
  • provide you with information regarding our products, services and promotions;
  • compile statistics and produce aggregate reports for internal use;
  • comply with the laws and regulatory requirements in force;

Most often, we collect your personal information directly from you. We may also obtain certain personal information from other sources. Unless an exception is provided for by the law, we will ask you to give us your consent to collect certain of your personal information from other sources.

  • (b) Use

We will not use your personal information for purposes other than those for which it was collected without your consent. It is possible that we would want, from time to time, use your personal information for new purposes or additional. You will then need to authorise us to use your personal information for such purposes before we can do that.

In addition, some of the retailers in the store called dealers may collect information about you. Unless otherwise specified at the time of collection, any personal information obtained by these organizations is collected in the name of the Shop Option and will be used and retained by Shop Option. It is possible that these organisations are subject to their own policy of protection of privacy, which will also apply to the information that they collect about you. They can provide you with a copy of their policy for the protection of the private life.

We may use your personal information for the purposes for which you provide it to us.
For example :

When you make a purchase or return a product : 

We will use your personal information as necessary to process your transactions (including payments and delivery), to confirm your identity and address, and to administer our post-purchase survey. When we do return, we may ask you to provide us with personal information to prevent fraud.

When you sign up to our newsletter or to any other of our vehicles of communication : 

We will use your personal information to send you our newsletter by e-mail. If you wish to cancel your newsletter subscription, please click on the button "cancel my registration" at the bottom of each email. If you sign up for our newsletter, we may use your personal information to send you special offers/promotional material through the mail.

When you join our clientelling list or use our shopping service custom : 

The information that you provide when you register to our clientelling list is collected by Shop Option to administer our programme of proactive management of the customer. This information may be shared with our affiliates if you sign up for the file-clients of some counters. If you would like your name removed from our clients, please contact a sales manager at the store where you provided your information. If you use our shopping service customized, your personal information will be used to select items, deliver the goods and process payments and returns.

When you interact with shop Option on social media : 

When you interact with us on social media, the personal information you provide may be used to confirm your identity, respond to your requests, questions or comments related to the service to the customer, and take any action deemed necessary to respond to other questions or posts you have published.

  • (c) Disclosure

We may share the information collected with the whole group Shop Option and with our affiliates, current and future. In addition, we may disclose your personal information to third parties, as follows :

  • with your explicit consent;
  • for the purposes of debt collection;
  • for the purposes of prevention of losses and fraud;
  • when the law requires or allows;
  • in connection with the actual sales or potential from all areas of the Company (in such a case, we will not disclose your personal information if we are convinced that the other party will implement appropriate measures to ensure the security of your information and we will return if the transaction is not concluded);
  • for optional marketing (refer to the section "Collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for optional purposes" below).

From time to time, we may collaborate with other organizations to offer you products and services and make the delivery on our behalf.

  • (d) Consent

Your consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information for marketing purposes is optional and is not a condition for the processing of your purchase. You can withdraw this consent at any time. Because of the schedules of distribution, you may continue to receive offers for a short period of time, the time that we process your request. To withdraw your consent, please contact the office of the protection of the privacy of the Shop Option.


Maintaining and safeguarding your personal information

Shop Option has taken the measures necessary security to protect your personal information against unauthorized access, loss and theft. 

Shop Option restricts access to your personal information to its associates and sub-contractors who need it to provide you with the products and services for which your information was collected.

Shop Option keeps your information for as long as necessary to fulfill the identified purpose. Your information is then destroyed in a secure manner.

To obtain a copy of the Policy of protection of private life Shop Option, review your personal information or make a correction, withdraw your consent to the use of your personal information or any questions on the protection of personal information at the Store Option, contact our office of privacy protection :

Head Office – Shop Option
120 Grande-côte
Boisbriand (Quebec)
J7G 1B9

  • e) Inventories & Inventory

We strive to keep an accurate inventory of our stocks, but there is no guarantee of availability.

An item placed in a shopping cart is not reserved for office and the quantities could be depleted if other customers buy the same item.
If we find gaps in our stock, it may be that we delete an item or cancel an order that we are unable to run.

In the latter case we will notify you by email that we cannot ship a item that you have ordered. In this case it will be credited.

Changes to our Policy of privacy 

Our website contains the most recent version of the Policy on the protection of privacy; please consult it regularly for any changes.

Date of last update : 20 June 2018

Protection of privacy – Website 

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Illegal activities 

Our site reserves the right to cooperate with local, provincial, national and international in the investigation of inappropriate activity or unlawful, may require the transmission of personal information.


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