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Charities and communities - Shop Option

Shop Option considers that it is our responsibility to have a positive impact in the communities that we serve so that they become always more heavy. This is why we work every day to focus our donations to the community, has several charities.

The work that we do to help people live a better life extends beyond the walls of our branches, making a real difference on the issues that affect us all.

Because of our heritage, we seek to use our scale in order to help others, not only our clients, partners and the society as a whole. We do this by:

  • Creating business opportunities for our employees, our suppliers and the people who work in the retail trade and supply chains, beyond our shop.
  • Improving the sustainability of our activities and of our supply chains, to the benefit of the planet and its inhabitants
  • Building strong communities where we do business

Our efforts have an impact on the communities everywhere in Canada and on the lives of people that we encounter may be never!

Shop Option is committed to supporting families in need and building strong communities.