Councils: A stitch must come a bit ample

A well sharpened pulloverin a nice colour and in good size, any shirt in elegance is also efficient as. The relatively fine stitches can put the torso forward when your pullover is near the body.

The pullover in fine stitch suggests pectoral muscles.

Good size unites two elements:

  • Your comfort,
  • The length of handles and of bust.

First, handles stop in the birth of the hand. For the bust, it is possible to go down from one or two centimetres downstairs of the belt, hardly more. The creases which can form are not there elegant.

For the rest, everything will be function of the cut of the pullover: there are sometimes voluntarily drooping shoulders, others there raglan etc.

A texturée stitch or thick is going to have tendency to homogenise more the silhouette than the very fine stitch.

When there is a more strong physical appearance, it is not recommended to carry too fine stitches, even less too much close-fitting: they would put forward all your defects.

The a little more thick stitches, which correspond besides to all physical appearances, the fine pullovers come habitually a little more ample than portrays rollneckeven if length to be respected remains the same.

Stitches thick, more and more spread, offer of very nice alternatives in the fine stitches.


Think of trying it opened and especially closedto see what it gives. You must be comfortable and, ideally, bending will come to emphasise shoulders. And the surplus of material is avoided!

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