Conseils : Une maille doit se porter un peu ample

Tips : A stitch should be worn a little loose

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A sweater, well-cutin a beautiful color and the right size, is as effective as any shirt in matter of elegance. The meshes are relatively thin and can highlight the torso when your pull is close to the body.

The sweater in fine mesh suggests the pectorals.

The good-sized, brings together two elements :

  • Your comfort,
  • The length of the sleeves and the bust.

First, the sleeves stop at the birth of the hand. For the bust, we may go down one or two centimetres below the belt, not much more. The folds that can form there are not stylish.

For the rest, everything will be a function of the cut of the sweater : sometimes there are shoulders voluntarily drooping, other in raglan etc

A mesh textured or thick will have a tendency to further homogenize the silhouette that a very fine knit.

When one looks more beefy, it is not advisable to wear the mesh is too fine, even less too slinky : they highlight all your faults.

The meshes a little thicker, which correspond to all the physical, are usually a little more than sweaters for type turtleneckeven if the lengths to adhere to remain the same.

The mesh thicker, more widespread, and offer very nice alternatives to the fine mesh.


Think of the try open and mostly closedto see what this gives. You need to be comfortable and, ideally, the bending will put the shoulders in value. And it avoids the excess of matter !

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