To each our own Silhouette and so to each our tips to highlight! First of all, you have to know which category of silhouette we belong to in order to be able to apply the right morpho-style tricks. For each silhouette, there are not 50 secrets to remember, there are some strong principles to know absolutely and that you can easily remember when shopping.


Dressing according to your figure: the key tips to know

Silhouettes can be categorized into 7 categories: 8 (or S), X, A, V, O, H and oval.


The silhouette in 8 is the female silhouette by Excellence to the extent that it is the easiest to dress. It is a harmonious and voluptuous silhouette in that it has shoulders aligned with the hips and a well marked waist. All this in a soft angle, while rounding just where you need: chest, buttocks and hips nicely drawn.

This silhouette serves as a kind of reference (like a sewing pattern) to build the tricks and cuts to favor at the level of other categories of silhouettes. This allows us to target the strengths of each silhouette and thus identify the part to be highlighted and the one where we have to cheat a little. Indeed, the goal will be to get closer to this ideal of female harmony by recreating, by optical effect, a similar balance. And for that, your toolbox is your clothes!

So let's see what are the tricks to follow to highlight and harmonize your figure.


The silhouette in 8

The woman in 8, because of her harmonious curves, can in principle afford anything. This is the silhouette of Maryline Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Monica Belluci, Scarlett Johanson for example. It was the ideal of the 50s, the pin'up silhouette.

However, to highlight your shapes, if you are a woman in 8, you should remember the following tips:

Avoid for the silhouette in 8:

Cuts or materials that give volume to the hips, so as not to thicken them: for example, pleated skirts, side pockets.

- cuts that hide the pretty shapes: straight cuts, too loose, shape "Empire".

To be preferred for the silhouette in 8:

- cuts and materials that follow shapes: fluid, fabrics that follow the body's movements

All the clothes that mark the waist and emphasize the harmony between shoulders and hips: curved, curved.


The silhouette in X 

This silhouette approaches the silhouette in 8 but it is less luscious, less voluptuous. This is a bit of a contemporary ideal in our Western societies. Rihanna's silhouette, for example. The shoulders are well in the alignment of the hips but it has rather a small chest and a thin waist. The shapes are less rounded than the woman in 8.

The woman in X can also wear everything, very easily. If you have this X-shape, you should still remember the following tricks:

To avoid for the X silhouette :

Cuts and materials that crush the chest or bring out the frame: for example, a dark turtleneck sweater, low neck necklines.

Straight or loose cuts that hide shapes (you have to round them) to get closer to the silhouette in 8.

To be preferred for the X silhouette :

- cuts and materials that bring femininity and curves: plunging neckline, shiny fabrics (bring volume), ball skirts, ruffles.

Clothes that highlight the slim waist: curved, curved.



The Silhouette in A

It is recognized by its size which is narrower than the hips. It is a very common figure in Southern Europe and Latin America. If you wear a smaller size at the top than at the bottom, you fall into this category. This is the silhouette of Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Beyoncé for example.

To get closer to the silhouette in 8, you will have to fade the bottom and flesh out the top while marking the waist to rebalance the proportions.

If you're an A-league woman, the tricks to remember are:

To avoid for the Silhouette in A:

- stockings that widen and thicken: horizontal stripes, clip pants, side pockets, pleated skirts, ruffles, shiny materials.

Tops with a flared fall just at the beginning of the hips and accentuating them

- the tight-fitting sets that bring out the shoulder/hip imbalance

To be preferred for the Silhouette in A:

Clothes and accessories that catch the eye on the upper body: bright tops, shiny or patterned materials, large necklaces of the type plastron.

Clothes that widen the body: U or V necklines, boat necklines, small shoulder pads, curved and curved to bring out the shoulders.

Clothes that blur the hips: straight cuts, "Empire" shapes, flared trousers.


The V-shaped silhouette

This silhouette is identified by its size marked in relation to the hips: strong shoulders with a small chest, narrow hips and small buttocks. Unlike the A-shape, the size of your top would be larger than your pants. This is the sporty and muscular silhouette of Pink or Laure Manaudou for example.

If you're a V-shaped woman, you're going to have to feminize your figure and blur the masculine side. To get closer to the silhouette in 8. It is necessary to feminize the top, make forget the body and flesh the bottom to rebalance the proportions.

The tricks to remember are:

Avoid for the V-shaped silhouette: 

- all cuts and materials that accentuate the body: shoulder pads, shoulder ornaments (buttons and other relief details), puffed sleeves, bolero, boat necklines, jackets with large collars, small collars tight at the neck (claudine collar, shirt collar closed up) that will look riquiqui and bring out the shoulder width, the tight and too short tops, the tank tops (if you stick to it, then avoid all the thin straps), the bare backs.

Patterned tops: they draw the eye to the top and therefore to the frame, and in particular the horizontal lines.

To be preferred for the V silhouette:

Tops that blur the body: fluid materials, tops with a flared drop at the beginning of the hips, asymmetrical tops.

- stockings that bring femininity and hip effect: ruffles, textured materials, bright and shiny, ball and flare cuts, trapeze shapes, fluid fabrics, various and varied patterns, pants with pliers, low waists that emphasize the hips.



The silhouette in O

The curves are spread over the whole body and the waist is not very marked. This is the silhouette of the singer Adel for example.

To get closer to the silhouette in 8, if you are a woman in O, you will have to play on the vertical and mark the size.

The tricks to remember are:

To avoid for the silhouette in O: 

Stretchanding and form-fitting materials.

- the short tops, jackets and jackets that crush the chest and bring out the hips and buttocks.

- the cuts and materials that grow: shiny, textured fabrics, over-loaded prints, horizontal stripes and tiles, layering of materials, low-waisted trousers, side pockets, claw pants.

To be preferred for the Silhouette in O:

- cuts and materials that sublimate the chest, emphasize the waist and the arch: V or U necklines, fluid and vaporous materials, veiling, clean shapes, high waists, straight sheath skirts that encompass hips and thighs without molding them and highlight the waist.

- matte fabrics, monochrome. Play on the cameos to vary the pleasures.

- focus on verticality to refine the silhouette: three-quarter jackets that fall under the hips, long shirts and tunics, straight cut or slightly belted/belted, round-toe heels and heels quite thick.

Good volume contrasts: to appear thinner by optical effect, opt for non-riquiqui accessories. They must be proportional to your shapes: large jewels, large handbags, thick belts. Too fine jewelry or a mini handbag will bring out your curves in contrast. If you add volume to your accessories, you will look thinner by contrast.



The silhouette in H

This silhouette forms a rectangle: the shoulders, waist and hips are aligned. Thus, the size is very little marked. 

If you are in this case, to get closer to the silhouette in 8, you will have to feminize it by recreating an effect of curves and size without however thickening it.

The tricks to remember are:

To avoid for the silhouette in H

Clothes that flatten or mask shapes: collars at the neck, dark tight turtleneck sweater, loose shapes.

Clothes that accentuate the absence of size: avoid tight surrounded or very curved at the waist if you have not expanded the top at the same time AND the bottom with cutting or material games because it will highlight the absence of size. But in this case, be careful not to thicken the silhouette!

Clothes that lift the square shape: square collars, trapeze skirts, square necklines, boat necklines, bustiers.

Preferred for the Silhouette in H

- shapes that bring curves: rounded collars (claudine collars for example), Necklines in U, V, heart and even plunging, low waists, "Empire" shapes, fluid and voluptuous materials that follow the silhouette, movements and break the angular side, the clump shape that enhances the chest and brings an X line.

Straight cuts and close to the body, Slightly curved (worn open for jackets), the belted "top" i.e. rather under the chest (and not at the waist) to make forget the absence of waist or the belt worn loosely falling on the hips to highlight these, slims and short skirts to highlight the legs.



The oval silhouette

It is a silhouette with rather small shoulders and hips. The waist is not marked, it is very thick compared to the shoulders and belly very present. Often the legs are rather thin.

The shoulders and hips are about the same width but there is a disproportion between the center of the body and the rest.

Avoid for the oval silhouette

Tight or wide clothing. The details and excess material at the belly and waist.

Skirts and trousers tightened at the bottom, peplum tops, short tops and crop tops, blazers worn closed.

Rolled collars and neck necklines.

Preferred for the oval silhouette

Structured, fitted clothing. The jackets and blouses slightly curved and the tops stopping at the small hips. Tops that don't score at the belly. Details, reliefs, thick materials must be placed outside the center of the body.

Empire-waisted dresses, skirts and straight dresses, trapeze skirts, fluid and flared. Dresses and skirts wallets. The trousers cut straight and bootcut. The trench coats, jackets and coats are encased.

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