Tips: What is the right size of a shirt?


Choosing a good shirt at its size is no easy task.

As a reminder, you are advised first of all to look at the collar. On this point, we advise you to always be able to place 2 fingers between the closed collar and your neck.

Even if it is closed, there must be a small comfort space between the collar and the shirt.

The shoulders are also decisive in the elegance of a shirt, they must marry the shapes of the body by bringing it a beautiful structure.

So at the emmanchure, the seam should fall on the shoulder break, slightly skewed outwards.

To avoid as much as possible: excess material in the armpits, small chest and back. A shirt plated on the skin is rarely elegant, the "breath" effect is not better.

We have always recommendedopt for curved shirt cuts whatever your morphology.



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