Want to wear the dress more often but don't know how to do it?

Wear the dress more often


In the end, wearing the dress is rare and we reserve it on a few occasions. It's a HUGE ERREUR.

Here are the 3 keys that will make you change these habits based on bad excuses.


Wear The dress makes us memorable 

First, it makes us stand out in the stream of girls in pants. We look more "special" right away.

The dress naturally changes our attitude: instinctively we will behave better and have a more feminine approach. Therefore, the dress highlights us as if by enchantment. The dress is an incredibly effective tool to get you out of the Turtle syndrome.

The dress enhances and enhances our femininity and sensuality. She makes us sexy and men love it! The dress highlights us. Contrary to popular belief, the dress does not reveal your flaws. 


Wearing the dress is good for your health!

On the mental level: the dress makes us positive by the effect of enhancement and change of attitude (key 1) that allows us to gain confidence in ourselves. Putting on a dress is to put yourself in the spotlight as on a day of celebration. When we adopt it on an ordinary day, it has the effect of putting us in a festive mood: smile and eyes that sparkle assured! In short, wearing a dress is very, very good for morale!


Wearing the dress saves us time and money

The dress is a feminine piece in essence, it is enough on its own to make all its effect. Preparation time in the morning is optimized  Heels are not mandatory either. Shifting a dress with small flat boots or small heels is very trendy!

The preparation time of the outfit is also faster since there is no need to try to coordinate a top with a stocking... We put on the dress and hop, we're dressed without question. 

And as they say, time is money! In addition, the dress is economical in itself: one piece is bought instead of two (high and low) and it is more durable over time.

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