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For you to create a guard elegant dress, I suggest you talk to the 13 garments are essential to have. You want to be more elegant, but you don't know where to start or how to go about it ? In the first place, you need some basics that I'll list here. But first let's see why they are essential to build your wardrobe.


Why these bases are indispensable in your wardrobe ?

The basics are like the foundation of a house : it is from these clothes that will build your style. As well, a dress is always composed of one or several database which will then be twistés or accessoirisés with other parts more original.

They are timeless, they will follow you in time so bet on the quality !

The basics are necessary but not sufficient : a wardrobe without a base you will ensure a lack of elegance for sure and vice versa a wardrobe that includes only the databases you will be arming a banality disconcerting 

You don't make a pie without pastry is not it !!? And you don't make a pie without any trim not more ?? For dressing, it is the same logic  Your wardrobe will become your best ally if it has a qualitative basis and structured. This will facilitate you the task on a daily basis as it will add a few personal ingredients and to diversify by combining them differently to vary your outfits.


Here are the basics to have in your wardrobe to make it your trump card elegant n° 1

For clothes

1. a white shirt type man's shirt

2. a white t-shirt cotton round collar long or short sleeves depending on the season

3. a small leather jacket

4. a jacket style tailor

5. a jean raw straight or slim, if the silhouette allows

6. a pair of pants. See brand INNOVARE

7. a small dress black, rather smooth (to hide the curves)

8. a sweater or jacket : pearl grey, off-white, off-white to be able to easily put it with everything)



The level of shoes and accessories

9. shoes black high heels (occasion dress)

10. from booties to heels means (to be feminine, trendy and comfortable on a daily basis)

11. a classic bag with a shoulder strap

12. a black belt

13. a necklace or accessory to the neck

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