Advice: how to dress when you are a strong person or a strong person?

Too narrow, too wide, too short, too long If we are round, it can be really hard to dress well every day. Although she protects her mouth and nails, the fashionable car image is very standardized, especially for the healthy man.

As a result, it's hard for people who are out of line to find the right clothes for them. What's more, they may find it difficult to specifically present a style that suits them, and that style will benefit them.

Mr. James looks at monochrome beige carky

The image of advertising movement provides a specific form only but not the most suitable one.


Ideal guide to strong people

In this article, we will focus on Strong physics and cutting edge physicsPage: 1 We've talked about it Muscle physics is a problem, but it is more difficult to wear clothes when the body surface volume is not necessarily muscle mass.

If you have a body that is proportionate and well drawn, make sure that you can Strong and elegant.

First, there will be some reflexes / beliefs / bad habits that must be eliminated! But we'll see it later What style, cutting, physical advantages.



Style elements that may serve powerful physics

Too high

Shirt wide bolt belly super sleeve collar

In many cases, people may see that some people with rich body choose some parts, or just buy too large parts. The floating feeling "suits the spacious clothing, because the fabric is not suitable for the skin, will not stick to the shape". But you don't understand A loose dress doesn't produce hallucinations or even accentuate some circles..

If women are entitled to "evaporated materials and blurred figures" Strong men, on the other hand, have to be just in size and cut.Page: 1 So the most important thing is not to have too big or too big peak. Please rest assured: we will see how a suitable dress can add value to you in a lower size!

Note: for people wearing shirts, too big shirts are really clothes to avoid because they make people fatter. Really, you have to be firm

Or too small.

Men's big clothes, tight shirts, small folds

Of course, shirts or shirts, trousers and other cut tight parts filled with elastomer are BanishmentPurely


Fluid substance

To talk about her only, silk is a very comfortable material, so soft that sometimes you can't even feel it. But it's made of silk, Serge or jacquard. It's still a very fluid material, usually a good light.

This shirt is disgusting But the aim is to show how fluid matter reacts in shape, even in long physics.

This shirt is disgusting But the aim is to show how fluid matter reacts in shape, even in long physics.

This is a very cruel shadow game On the other hand It is entirely possible to mix silk ("cotton, linen..."). As long as the material can provide a harder appearance and clothing than pure silk.


Page number

Style large mesh thick sweater men look like shawl collar

Velvet and Weibo have thick features, the second of which is the rough and luxurious appearance of winter. However, they have a bad tendency to enlarge and accentuate the profile, because these materials are not obviously used for curved parts.

Fortunately for you, we can't say they are still very popular and will give you more choices!


B. Main adverse motivation

forget There are many reasons!

forget There are many reasons!

Use a brush for printing. Try to avoid Too large a pattern may increase the size of the eye's chestPage: 1 The same horizontal stripe, unless you are sure to wear only one top / one Blazer Not very convenient

Pants that are over adjusted or too wide

It's like a pair of pants that's too wide or too narrow Especially if you're stronger than your legsPage: 1 Its size is too small or too small, which makes the delicate ankle in sharp contrast to the larger appearance of the thigh and chest.

Andy Richter in skinny jeans


This total lack of harmony is obvious in the illustrations, and clothing is ridiculous, especially when - unfortunately, for everyone - thighs are not the only ones that are too molded.

Pants are too wide to cut ugly look

Too wide, it will greatly increase your figure, and even give you a great charm: see how big this too wide model is Thigh volume The bottom is too low and the width and length do not match at all.


"I'm a little fat. How can I dress?"

Braz and costumes: these decorations are beautiful

First step It's elegant when it's roundBecause a brazier can draw a beautiful chest, protrude shoulders and draw a beautiful curve better than any other room.

If the appearance of a silk is not completely ruled out, a capillary texture will be popular, which is very good, because most clothing and Brose are like this.

Black men look cool

So, which hairstyle should these unavoidable parts choose? Here, as with shirts, it's really important to avoid the width and choose to adjust the cut. From a strict aesthetic point of view, consider an important factor: adjust the cutting can make the shoulder volume too large and not conducive to the chest volume.

More simply, it draws a V-shaped tile. Instead, the cut on the right balances the volume of the belly with the volume of the shoulders, neutralizing the V-shaped tile.

Looks like a fat man

There's another problem Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website.... If it is open, it is obviously too small, and the result will be more than mediocrity.

Even if it can be turned on, it is recommended that the first button can be turned off. If your dream model is a little fairThink of the mechanic Maybe you should offset the button a little bit.

Looks like a man's overweight Anbang point style inspiration clothing

Pay attention to the cutting of pants, which is completely suitable for his shape.

Finally, from a "style" point of view, the three intersecting parts and clothing are very interesting and can move more harmoniously along the contour, especially when the abdomen is a little crowded.

If the idea is not to give you a corset, lock some bolts in it, however, consider the three parts and the intersection as strict parts, sometimes even very uncomfortable (especially sitting here). But the effect is really good!


Nothing suits you better than a shirt or sweater

Shirts and sweaters are construction pieces because they align a man's chest with lines and curves. Clean shoulders, rigid collars and controlled bends are your best allies Make your form consistent and draw a beautiful picturePage: 1 Don't be afraid of adjusted cuts, on the contrary: cut good cuts, they will add value to your shoulders and make you better.

Large overweight embedded shirt

Shoulders, shoulders, sleeves and knitting: everything is clear, well drawn, with no unnecessary range.

The ideal design for this shirt is bespoke ("Swann & amp;" Oscar recommends this shirt at a completely affordable price, made in France, but it's also possible to find your favorite shirt in large sales. Try it: it's a little difficult, but don't lose heart. You will definitely meet a mark you like.

Finally, don't worry about the material of the sweater. Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website.

Human fat cashmere

Pants for refining strong silhouettes

Some pants monopolize advertising and fashion magazines, but there is no panic: today, it's very easy for a man. Looking for all kinds of scissors suitable for shapePage: 1 For us, it's simple: straightforward and semi regulatory cuts are good for you!

In adults, the thighs tend to be larger than the calves, so we need to make sure we have a pair of pants. Follow the curve of the thigh and descend to the ankle harmoniouslyPage: 1 A semi adjustable cut is also specified because when the cut approaches the lower leg, it draws a leg that is more elegant than a right cut.

Jean gross Super Cup

Suspicious components and shoes But it's a good cut

Jeans or pants in flannel: same fight. If you do not have permission to post, please log in and report this content to us. Adapt the room to your shapePage: 1 A reflection that really makes you shop!

Maintain proportion control in the construction of a very interesting garment

Of course, it's entirely possible to take off from a suit or pants duet. The same adjustment cutting rules and controlled volume rules applyIn addition, to large-scale printing, the color is too rough, or the above materials are too thick, keep alert.


But the first video shows how a Saharawi woman, a very loose printed shirt, or even a pair of freight pants fit perfectly together. Elegance, style and relaxation ! Please note that the size of the coat is slightly compact to keep the multicolored effect and tight pants.

Men's overweight dress

In another more fashionable fashion, we can say that the sweater is perfect on the shoulder and arm, and the shirt and tie wearing white pants effectively recall its style. It really works. I hope I can let you know how important it is to dare to wear style clothes even when we are strong.

Your weight, no matter what it is, shouldn't make you feel that you can't be elegant and attract your attention through efficient personal clothes!

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