Conseils : Comment s'habiller quand on est un homme COSTAUD ou MUSCLÉ ?

Tips : How to dress when you're a man, BEEFY, or MUSCULAR ?

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Dress well when one has the physique of a hollywood actor, contrary to what one may imagine, this is quite a pair of sleeves.

The vast majority of brands are looking to dress-up the human "average". And if the industry has made efforts for some years to dress the slender and the small, the muscular on the other hand are still struggling to find clothes that suit their shape.

Why is this so difficult ? We are talking about a body that, by construction, has an upper torso very developed (shoulders and biceps), and size is very fine. It is the ratio of shoulder width/size is more marked than the average, which makes it more difficult to find the parts.

We see the same problem (more or less pronounced) at the level of the legs with her strong muscular thighs and a thin waist.


This reality that it is difficult to find :

  • A shirtor a jacket in which the shoulders and biceps fit perfectly without an excess of material around the waist.
  • Pants/ jeans in which the thighs fit and the size of which shake the hips. That is to say that the size does not float around the body, the pants fit very well alone without a belt.

Then of course, it is always easier to dress in a tracksuit in the daily life, such as at the gym. And I know that in the face of numerous disappointments in store, it is easy to convince yourself that, in any case, you'll find nothing else that suits you.

Yet this is false : shirts, jackets, pants, everything is at your fingertips... Let me show you.



Below, I have selected a few photos of actors very well drawn (which often play the roles of super-heroes), dressed to the life of every day.

If you tell yourself that they are not sufficiently muscular to have difficulty in dressing up, find a few photos of them in a swimsuit, it should be pretty clear : the paparazzi have done their job well, you'll have no difficulty to find.

Also, dress well with your physique, it is quite possible. Here are some of the "evidence".

Chris Evans chemise bleue

Chris Evans (who plays Captain America), and who fills his shirt
however, the muscles will come soft the fabric around his biceps.



Henry Cavill noir et blanc

Henry Cavill (Superman).



Chris Hemsworth jean

Chris Hemsworth (Thor).



Daniel Craig costume

Daniel Craig (James Bond), super-heroes of real life, here in SkyFall.



Always try before you buy. Your physical appearance does not correspond to 95 % of the models designed by the brands, so never make the assumption that it's going to you go. Don't be lazy, try a lot, and when you find the cut that suits you, buy the same piece in several copies or several colors.

Know a good retoucher. This is the secret to a physique like yours. Be aware that you can retouch all parts that are in your closet. Just with a technician you trust, to whom you will entrust your jackets, shirts and trousers. With this relationship, you will learn more easily, and with the assurance of a result that you will be fine after a few modifications.

It will cost you not much reported the price of the room.

Tip : How to find a excellent technician ? Spend simply a phone call at the shop at higher end of your city and ask them or is it that they are doing the alterations for their customers.

Henry Cavill jean noir

It is this relaxation that you will do
your shopping once your wax found.

Last thing, are looking to add verticality. You have an athletic body, you don't want to give the impression that you are more wide than high (I caricature, but it is for you to envision the idea). This is why you have any interest to add verticality to your figure. Concretely, it is to avoid horizontal stripes or large tiles. Prefer thin vertical stripes. Made well edit the length of your pants and your sleeves. This is especially important if you are small, but in any case do you really take not the head with it.

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