Tips: How to dress when you are SMALL and FINE?


But by the way, what do we mean by "being small and thin"?

To put it simply, I correlated these approximate and arbitrary physical criteria to the ready-to-wear sizes. Roughly speaking, a small and relatively thin man generally does XS. Which gives more precisely 44 in jacket, 36 in pants, 37 in shirt.

You will understand: for the rest of this article, understanding the importance of cutting precision will be your top priority!

If knowing your size is essential, knowing how to recognize a beautiful cut is also essential.

inspiration workwear look men

Yes, even a big winter sweater must be impeccably cut!



To illustrate my point, let's quickly analyze an outfit in pictures. It consists of fitted pieces that fit vertically: From head to toe, the line is uninterrupted.

verticality man

The pants are fitted and worn short. The buttons of the cardigan continue this line on the bust, extended by the officer's collar of the shirt.

To reinforce or not the vertical effect, one can also play on the length of the pants, the wearing of a coat or a scarf.



You can touch up anything on pants, especially their length. In my opinion, the fabric should not "break" more than once on the shoe, otherwise the figure will be packed. Likewise, make a cuff instead of a hem draws the gaze down, which is not the desired effect: the goal is to stretch the silhouette while remaining proportionate.

Regarding the wearing of trousers, there are no good or bad choices: it all depends on the result you are aiming for. Pants that break on the shoe artificially lengthen your figure, while rolled pants reduce the imbalance between long legs and a short bust.

Personally, I favor the second option which brings dynamism to my look. I don't mind seeing my socks because they are an integral part of the outfit, which can even bring a touch of sophistication.

However, this choice is valid because I live in an informal environment, namely the university. If I worked in a company, I would have opted for a model that does not break but just touches the tongue of the shoe. Everything is a matter of context!

men's flannel boots pants

We clearly see the formalism that emerges in the photo on the left, while the one on the right offers a more relaxed look.


The coat can be the structuring piece of your outfit. First visible layer,it is he who will first give the "mood" of the outfit.

Despite my small size, I am a big fan of the long coat. I even encourage you to wear a drop to the knee. But you have to wear it open! He will then create the famous vertical line by himself. It covers the other pieces and, unless you wear a striped undershirt, "its line" will prevail.

In my eyes, the only coat that a "small size" can wear closed without fear is the crusader. It offers a generous build thanks to its double-breasted and its cut slims the silhouette, while drawing the size.

On the other hand, be careful with certain coats arriving mid-thighswhich can have a "trait length": too short to create true verticality and too long to give stature to the bust. A few centimeters lower are therefore ideal.

street style trench man

Note in passing how a clear coat illuminates the face.

street style men's crossover coat

Successful bending completes the structure of your figure, thus visually enlarged!



Adding a scarf to an outfit allows you to choose the line to favor. If left to hang along the jacket, it accentuates the vertical line. If it is wrapped around the neck, the volume thus created brings the eye to the shoulders and flatters the build.

men's casual look

Hanging, the scarf affirms the verticality and visually grows its wearer.


how to wear man scarf

Coiled, it draws a large middle, even for the finest of us.



Now let's see how to give volume to our featherweight. Your brain can rest, it is now your eye that will train!


Wearing "fitted" clothes at the top increases the build.Here, the goal is to enhance your back and shoulders by creating a non-vertical line. I mean not vertical and not horizontal, the desired effect being a V-shaped bust. The verticality is broken, my silhouette changes from an I-shape to a Y.

On the same basis as my previous outfit, I add a jacket that I wear closed.

streetwear style inspiration

Wearing the jacket attenuates the vertical line by creating two "vanishing lines" on the shoulders.

Now let's leave the jacket aside: these are the pieces of the outfit that will create the same volume effect. To draw the eye to the upper body, I chose two very fitted pieces. They follow the curves of the bust and thus reveal its V.

men's casual chic look


Below, wearing fitted pants slims your figure.

The choice of leg opening is always tricky. It is often said that unless you are a fan of Hedi Slimane, it is better to stay on a semi-slim classic. This is obviously a safe bet, but this choice reduces your possibilities for stylistic experimentation.

Even being slim, almost skinny jeans will not shock. It will emphasize your shapes much more than a semi-slim would. Again, it's up to you to choose the image you want to return.

men's casual t-shirt outfit

The difference is noticeable, but real.



So here we enter the blurry area where only your good taste can tell you if the whole suits you. That said, we learn a lot from our mistakes ...

Ideally, a successful loose cut will enhance the chest and shoulders by blurring the waist. It therefore rests entirely on the top of the bust. Make sure the sleeves don't eat your hand (you can roll them up otherwise) to show that the effect loose is wanted.

Wearing this kind of cut is very interesting. However, one must already have the eye to distinguish the porous border between loose and too large. In addition, you should know the brands offering these cuts.

how to wear men's loose sweater

This sweater combines all the details expected on a controlled loose cut: the collar is neat and adjusted; the chest muscles are valued; shoulder seam is low; the sleeves stop cleanly at the wrists; the bust length is ideal and the size is not marked. 

Same fight for the lower body, but easier to master. However, the choice of cut is also essential here.

The ready-to-wear cuts are designed for standard morphologies (understand neither thin nor small). It may very well be that a cut labeled semi-slim looks right on you. It's all about thighs and calves!

Prefer therefore the "carrot" cuts, which give volume to the thighs while tightening at the ankle. The cut must of course remain harmonious without being too wide at the thighs or too adjusted to the calves. The balance is difficult to find ...

If not, and that's what I did, you can buy pants that fit you, but the cut is too straight, and have them touch up. His leg opening went from 21 cm to 17.5 cm!

men's casual inspiration

Even if there is a little excess material on the hips, the result is rather convincing.


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