Tips: How to wear the blouse?

How to wear the blouse?

1. Buttoned up to the neck. This is the way designers are presented.
For : this way of making advantage to those who are thin and young, because it gives a wise schoolgirl look. (Silhouettes: I-A-X)
Against If you have a strong jaw, a chin present, a strong chest or a round face, it is best to open the cervix. This creates a V and you look more slender (Silhouettes: V-H-O)


2. Inside the pants or skirt.
For : those who do not have a belly, this way is ideal. You can even add a decorative belt.
Against If you are of the "O" or "8" silhouette, leave the part of the shirt outside.


3. Under a round-necked sweater.
For : all silhouettes! The collar is attached or opened, depending on the desired effect.
Against : those with a strong chest will benefit from a sweater with a V-neck.


Which model to choose?

All models are allowed. Choose the one that benefits you and that will complete your wardrobe: in white, denim version, striped, floral, checkered, sleeveless...
Note: A lightweight, fluid fabric benefits most silhouettes (V-I-A-X-H-O)

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