Tips: How to wear the skirt?

This summer, skirts are all the rage. But it's not always easy to find your way around all the lengths and cuts on offer. Like a yoyo, they go from mini to maxi, above or below the knee, loose or narrow ... To help you, here's a little 101 course on how to wear the skirt.


Narrow skirt below the knee
It's THE length of summer. But this length is not easy to wear. It can quickly age or crush the silhouette.

Wear high heels. If you prefer a low heel, remove the neck to balance the proportions.
Insert the blouse inside the skirt to mark the waist and especially to lengthen the legs
If your hips are strong (silhouette A), this skirt should be avoided. Opt for a knee skirt and wear the blouse on the outside.
Strip the leg. It's more modern and more summery!
Do not wear black tights with a black skirt, as there is a mass that unbalances the silhouette.
Wear a short jacket to accentuate feminine curves and elongate the silhouette
If you want to wear a long jacket, shorten the skirt.
Add a belt to further mark the waist.
If you have a small round bedon, avoid the belt.



Narrow skirt at the knee
It's my favorite length! It just reaches the knee. It is elegant, young and easy to wear.
Look for cuts that enhance the silhouette: contrast of color or print, vertical stitching, diagonal pockets.
Change your shoe and you'll change your style! A pump fits perfectly with this length and gives a classic look. To jazz it all up, why not wear a boot?
Pair a loose top for a casual look. In addition, it will create a slimming effect!
Long or short jacket? Both complement this skirt very well.



A-line or bucket skirt
This skirt that flares down is ideal, as it benefits all types of silhouettes (V-I-A-X-H-O silhouettes). You'll see a lot of them this summer.
If the skirt is very loose down, wear a fitted top to thin the top.
A low heel is perfect for this type of skirt.
It is easier to choose a lightweight fabric because it moves with the movements (buckets) and feminizes the whole.



Long skirt
This summer, let yourself be tempted by a long, bohemian-looking skirt. It's elegant and very trendy.
Respect the bohemian theme by adding appropriate accessories: multiple stone and string bracelets, canvas bag, cork sandal and colorful leather...
Avoid classic-looking accessories: pearl collar at the neck, rigid-shaped handbag, pumps...
Respect the proportions by clearing the upper body. Example: camisole, light and open sweater, neckline, sleeveless shirt
Because the skirt is long, wear a short jacket: jacket jeans, leather jacket, cardigan.
If possible mark the waist with a belt or insert the top into the skirt.
For a casual look, add a belt to the hips.

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