Tips:how to pack?


How to plan your travel wardrobe

1. Don't wait until the last minute :

The lack of time is the enemy of the suitcase!
Last minute = forgotten and surplus!


2. Plan your travel activities :
We don't bring the same clothes for a trip to Paris, Gaspé or Cuba! Plan and develop your needs. lIs will dictate your outfits to bring. 

Example :
The beach = jerseys, pareos, sandals, hats.
The mountain excursion = walking shoes and comfortable and adapted clothes.


4. Make yourself themes :
So that your travel wardrobe is well balanced, do not scatter.

1-color theme: stay in the same colors. This way you can easily match your clothes. Ex : black, cream and red.

2 - style Theme : adopt a specific style. It'll be easier to change your outfits. Ex : bohemian-chic, casual, outdoor.


4. Make sets :
- Arrange all the clothes you want to bring to the bed and play stylist by making the outfits. 
Goal : make several sets with each garment.

- If you have trouble fitting out a garment, forget it. It fits no better trip!

- Same with the shoes. Each shoe must be worn with several sets. Ideally, limit yourself to 3 pairs : comfort, sport, beach, chic.

– Don't forget the accessory. They'll set the tone and change your outfits. Ex: scarf, necklace, handbag.

- On the plane, bring comfortable clothing that matches the travel wardrobe.

– Plan sets for 7 days only (even if the trip is 14 days and more). You can wash these during the trip.


4. Think about it!
When we travel, we almost always wear the same clothes. Bring only sure values!

- Remember clothes not worn on the last trip. Don't make the same mistake : leave them at home!


686. To avoid :
Avoid crumpling fabrics, heavy sweaters, heavy boots, long coats. They're cluttering up the suitcase for nothing.


487. Important :
- It is easier to relax a chic outfit, but the opposite is more difficult. Ex: The Explorer shirt is not worn with clean pants. But a white cotton shirt can be worn with both shorts and clean pants.

- Plan some chic elements for a restaurant or a surprise party. Ex: a black top, a shawl, a shiny necklace,a jacket.


688. OUT!
– Out! Irons and hair dryers are available in most hotels.

– Out! All the "just in case"!


9. Beauty products :
Transfer the necessary amount of shampoo, cream and other care products into small containers. Once finished, you can throw them.


710. Don't forget :
- A cloth soap and a stain remover for washing clothes.

– "Gougounes" for the hotel room and if your feet hurt.

- An umbrella and a windbreaker.



The case: rigid or flexible?

Two types of case are available : nylon (soft) or polycarbonate (rigid).

Choice is a matter of taste and need. For example, if you are going on a cruise, the space is limited. Choose a soft case because it is more compact.


Flexible :
* one compartment and several pockets.
* a cover: it is easy to open and does not take up space.
* Very strong because it absorbs impacts.
* It can keep odours and moisture.


Rigid :
* Includes 2 identical compartments.
* It takes up space when opened.
* Easy access.
* It does not keep moisture and odours.


Two or four wheels? 
4 wheels = easier to drag on a smooth surface.
2 wheels = stronger than 4 wheels.


The price?
The price of soft or rigid suitcases is similar. Also, you should expect to pay between $ 200 and $ 400 for a quality suitcase. To guide your choice, analyze your needs, the type and frequency of your trips. Careful, there's no wrong suitcase. Carriers are usually the cause of breakdowns.

Maximizing space

* Place the heavier clothes at the bottom of the suitcase.
* Roll clothes. They take up less space, it's proven.
* Make large rolls. Put the garments on top of each other, in order of length. Then roll them.
* The less folds you make, the less wrinkles on arrival.
* Place your shoes separately in plastic or fabric bags. Inside, slide the socks or small objects (they will deform less). Disperse the shoes in the suitcase.
* Arrange fragile items in the middle of the case, between clothing.
* Use transparent ZipLock bags. Ideal for finding everything quickly and easily.
* The secret: don't leave any space. The clothes will not move and will not crease.
* Provide space for future travel purchases!



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