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Tips : How to make a suitcase?

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How to plan a wardrobe to travel

1. Don't wait until the last minute :

The lack of time is the enemy of the suitcase!
Last minute = forgetting and surplus!


2. Plan your trip :
It does not bring the same clothes for a trip to Paris, in the Gaspé peninsula or in Cuba! Plan and map your needs. lIs will dictate your outfits to bring. 

Examples :
The beach = swimwear, pareos, sandals, hats.
The mountain excursion = walking shoes and comfortable clothing and suitable.


3. Do you do themes :
To your wardrobe the voyage or well balanced, and do not scatter.

1 - color Theme : stay in the same shades. You will be able to marry easily your clothes. Ex : black, cream and red.

2 - style Theme : adopt a specific style. It will be easy to transform your outfits. Ex : bohemian-chic, casual, outdoor.


4. Made of sets :
– Have all of the clothes that you wish to make on the bed and play the stylist in designing the outfits. 
The goal : do several sets with each garment.

– If you have difficulties to match a piece of clothing, forget it. It fits no better trip!

– Same thing with the shoes. Each shoe must be worn with several ensembles. Ideally, limit yourself to 3 pairs : comfort, sport, beach, chic.

– Do not forget the accessories. They will set the tone and transform your outfits. Ex : scarf, necklace, purse.

– In the plane, plan to wear comfortable clothes that match the wardrobe of the trip.

– Plan sets for 7 days only (even if the trip is 14 days and more). You can wash them during the trip.


5. Think about it!
When you travel, there is almost always the same clothes. So bring along that values safe!

– Remember clothes not worn during the last trip. Do not make the same mistake : leave them at home!


6. To avoid :
Avoid fabrics froissables, big sweaters, boots, heavy, long coats. They clutter up the bag for nothing.


7. Important :
– It is easier to relax a garment is chic, but the reverse is more difficult. Ex : the shirt of explorer does not work with a pants clean. But a white cotton shirt is worn with a bermuda with a pants clean.

– Schedule some elements of chic for a restaurant or a party suddenly. Ex : a black top, a shawl, a necklace bright, a jacket.


8. OUT!
– Out! Irons, ironing boards and hair dryers as they are available in most hotels.

– Out! ALL the "just in case"!


9. Beauty products :
Transfer the required amount of shampoo, cream, and other care products in small containers. Once finished, you can throw them.


10. Don't forget :
– A detergent for clothing and a stain remover for washing clothes.

Of "flip-flops" for the hotel room and if one has sore feet.

– An umbrella and a windbreaker.



The suitcase : rigid or flexible?

Two types of bag available to you : fabric nylon (flexible) or polycarbonate (rigid).

The choice is a matter of taste and need. For example, if you go on a cruise, space is limited. So grab a bag of soft, as it is more compact.


Flexible :
* a single compartment and multiple pockets.
* a lid : it is easy to open and does not take place.
* Very strong because it absorbs the impacts.
* It can keep odors and moisture.


Rigid :
* Includes 2 compartments the same.
* It takes up space when opening.
* The access is easy.
* It does not keep moisture and odors.


2 wheels or 4 wheels? 
4 wheels = more easy-to-hang on a plain surface.
2 wheels = more solid than 4 wheels.


The price?
The price of the suitcases flexible or rigid is similar. Also, expect to pay between$ 200 and$ 400 for a bag of quality. To guide your choices, analyze your needs, and the type and frequency of your travel. Be careful, it's not a bad suitcase. The carriers are usually the cause of breakage.

To maximize the space

* Place in the bottom of the suitcase, the clothes the heavier.
* Roll clothes. They take up less space, it is proven.
* Made of large rolls. Put the clothes on each other, in order of length. Then roll them up.
* The fewer folds, the less the clothing will be wrinkled on arrival.
* Place your shoes separately in plastic bags or in fabric. On the inside, slide the socks or small objects (they will distort less). Disperse the shoes in the suitcase.
* Place fragile items in the middle of the suitcase between the clothes.
* Use clear bags ZipLock. Ideal to find everything quickly and easily.
* The secret : do not leave space. The clothes will not move and will not crease.
* Provide space for future travel purchases!



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