Suggestion: how to know the size of his clothes?

If The art of getting dressed Although science is not as accurate as mathematics, it is self-evident that it contains some rules, some of which can be called "unchangeable".

What if the topic of a doctoral dissertation is not clearly defined at the beginning? What else is a neglected palace upstream of the building? If he missed the chance to leave, what would we remember?


This shirt needs to be adjusted, not moulded

Indispensable foundation, daily allies, partners of beautiful season. That's all! From a simple priori point of view, the choice of shirt should not be too rash. In short, it's very well cut and well dressed!

The sewing of the sleeve must be done at the break of the shoulder."If cut well, the rest will be:

  • The sternum will be slightly molded and its contour suggested.
  • The belly is a little bit larger and doesn't float, and the fabric will naturally be on the hips.

Length level, sleeves stop in the bicep half, absolutely can't fall off the neck! The T-shirt is under the beltNo less than


Is the size of a garment right: balance sheet

Copy this website code to your website to set up a ballot box on your website. Try some sizes, look, compare, appreciate.

In fact, it's not uncommon for us to be between two sizes. In this case, you have to always try both sizes and take these common questions into account.

But pay attention to over thinking. If your pants are folded too much on your shoes, or the sleeves of your shirt haven't come out of your coat, it's no big deal!


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