Conseils : Comment bien s'habiller pour un entretien d'embauche ?

Tips : How to dress well for a job interview ?

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This is it, you have defined your style on a daily basis. You master your basic and have a few powerful pieces to mark your looks. However, some situations you are still hesitating : the more formal occasions...

As such, if there's a moment where you don't want to crash because of your look, it is a job interview in the company of your dreams.

Whether you are young graduates or seniors, whatever your job is, we will see all the rules and the outfits that are fly to be a man stylish... even cravaté.

Small riddle : the blazer cross in maintenance, yes or no ?



Initiate a recruitment process with an interview, it's like picking the date of your dreams : you have to be as natural as possible despite the challenges colossal.

It sounds complicated ? Rest assured : it's easier than it looks, with a good state of mind and a few démystifications. The impression that you want to get out is that of your master, associated with a natural ease. All with pleasure.

So to begin, here are the basic rules for attire for a job interview :

  • It must be composed of a minimum of the following items : pants, a jacket, a shirt, a belt and leather shoes.
  • Prefer the basic colors : navy blue, grey and white clothing, dark brown shoes and belt. Avoid the black...
  • We dress well without making too much of it : the adage "Less is more" is required also in the maintenance. I recognize the stamp of the sprezzatura of the Piti Uomo, but book jackets to large-format tiles with social gatherings. At best, you can bet on the textures, well worked, or highly discrete.

Here we see that the patterns and textures are subtle, which makes it all the more significant.

  • Your dress code should match the area that you want to integrate : suit and tie for the office jobs, casual chic for the trades related to the creation... In the same spirit, think of the culture of the company.
  • So far, you should dress a notch above the type of outfit you wear to work. Put your most beautiful costume, your pretty jacket or surface of your shoes. In short, be on your 31 : today, you show your potential to be someone important !
  • Clothes that suit you, it rhymes with touch-ups. I was the first to balk : it does cost more and you must wait before you enjoy it. Yet, it elevates considerably the level of an outfit so be sure to correct the height of the sleeves and the hems of the pants, cut and fit must be perfect.

I end this list with an important point : in order to be comfortable, wear several times in your outfit before your interview. A person who puts his clothes for the first time is often in an awkward position : it feels and it shows.

The only way to avoid this is to you get used to your clothesthem five or six times before : to you the weekends in costume.

Beyond these basic rules, you can enter in the heart of the matter.


I chose here to develop two levels of handling. Therefore, you can find an outfit for beginners and one for experienced workers. This of course depends on your budget and your experience.


You are applying to be in an office ? This outfit is for you. Accountants, engineers, commercial... you can just go for it.

This look has been designed for maximum versatility.

Wearing a navy blue suit, white shirt, brown shoes : the rule of neutrality is respected. The patterns of the tie are not dominant, and the cover is simply a reminder of the shirt. The coins fall well, the cup is suitable for the morphology of the wearer. In short, all is well.



You are in management or an expert in the functions of the office : you work for several years and you have good responsibilities.

Your contacts for recruitment are part of the committee of management of the company and you briguez of prestigious position. There it should be to boost your outfits to the extent of your ambitions.

In practice, we will stay on the same bases as the first option, based on materials worked.

Gray suit, white shirt, green tie : the dress was very plain. The costume is made of a flannel wool/cashmere, and the tie has a texture caviar. The materials chosen are, therefore, more worked, without falling into ostentation.



For once, the opinions diverge. Some consider it obligatory, while for others, a costume in your size doesn't need to belt.

If you choose to wear one, its color should be given to shoes. You can give the color of your socks or shoes, or suit.



It is necessary to know its environment. Gauge at what point people are more or less fond of coquetry, if an outfit that sends a bit of prestige can be perceived as value-enhancing or, on the contrary, pretentious. From there, you can place in the result the cursor between "austerity" and "originality".

No risk will be taken with a tie, a belt and possibly a pouch. A notch above, one can imagine a tie-clip and cufflinks. As to the flower at the lapel and other pins, they are irrelevant.

A nice watch can complete the whole thing and bring the final touch of elegance.




Choose a suit navy blue or dark grey. If you need to opt for patterns, choose discrete.

The black is a color that is aging, which presents an image that's too rigid for you, and can be considered to be reserved to the management of the company.



    White is a safe bet for interviews. Otherwise, we can also imagine a model in pale blue. Stay classic !



    Finally, a tie is silk or wool, prohibition on the use of plastic ! Please do not hesitate to go in search of varied textures : silk knitted fabric, wool, or grenadine silk.


      A nice tie in grenadine silk, the material is sufficient in itself.



      Prefer shoes dark brown are the most versatile with the costumes mentioned above. For the confirmed, you can freeze your shoes to bring a touch of sophistication is very much appreciated.



        This last look is made for those who have interviews in structures that are deemed to be informal : you can dress well when you have a company in the web, graphics or communication. Even in the most start-ups, whose spirit wants to be deliberately more relaxed.

        Jean gross, jacket grey, white shirt and leather shoes ; this is a casual chic look all that classical.

        Of course, some structures are more permissive still. I have in mind the example of a friend recruited at Adidas ; it will have worn sneakers in an interview.

        That said, this look is a safe bet, which has the advantage to contain only parts that are easy to master. You can decline easily... moreover :

        • If you use the jacket of one of your costumes, make sure that it does not fall too low.
        • You can allow shirts with collars or original patterns - to a certain extent, this is not the time to pull out the hawaiian shirt.
        • Your pants may be of several forms. You can choose a jean gross, a chino good quality or pants in wool. Ironing impeccable required.



          With all of these tips in mind, you should be able to adopt the perfect outfit to ensure maintenance ! Only one question remains : how to choose your look if you don't know how we dress in the company of your dreams ?

          This question comes up often, mainly for young graduates entering the labour market. I'll give you my tip to be sure of you !

          A few days before your interview, you should dress in casual chic and go to the home of the company.

          Shirt, jeans, blazer, and hop, in the direction of the home of the company.

          Introduce yourself with a big smile, say you will have soon an interview with Mr. X, that you really want to do well and are wondering how to dress the other candidates that it receives.

          Amazing trick, no ? Joking aside it is as simple as that, and this method gives you several advantages :

          • The sympathy of the people of the home. On the day of your interview, your interviewer will have heard of this serious candidate who wants to prepare his maintenance at best.
          • You familiarize yourself with the people and environment of this companythis will reduce the effect of surprise the day of the interview, so the trafc potential.
          • You are going to see the parade of people who work in this environment. This will give you a lot of information on the level of stress, the pleasure and the keeping of employees.
          • Finally, the people of the reception are often a lot of information informal and love to discuss : it may well be that it gives you two or three interesting leads, develop maintenance later.

          For the more timid, you can call the standard to ask the question, but you are going to deprive you of many of the benefits mentioned above.

          And for those who really don't want to talk about it, they can spend the day in front of the company to look at the inputs and outputs of employees to imitate their outfits... Or refer to the looks above.



          THE WORD OF THE END...

          You will have understood, the first step is to know the environment (and culture) of the company where one is applying for.

          If it is a structure "formal", a certain neutrality will do. However, you can rely on the effects of materials and textures for the win in relief.

          In the case of a box the most relaxed, you have more choice. You take virtually no risk in casual chic, even if, according to the company, one can imagine other styles.

          In case of doubt, please do not hesitate to inquire directly at the source, or to peer into the back and came in front of the office.

          In all cases, give the "best version of your look". Whether we like it or not, an interview is some form of seduction... Of the stay, it is up to you to play.

          It remains for us to you want to good luck !

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