Tips: How to wear a polo shirt?

Our advice on polo shirts

Some missteps to avoid:


young man polo son daddy tennis



The polo shirt is an extremely connoted piece that can quickly make you switch to a "daddy's son" or fake "bad boy" style.

young man white polo shirt stand collar



Originally used to protect the neck from the sun, the rolled-up collar is nowadays very frowned upon, at your own risk ...


gray polo shirt too big



The polo shirt is a piece of sportswear inspiration, it must highlight your build. Concretely, the piece should draw your shoulder line without molding you, and obviously should not be too large. The sleeve should be properly adjusted at the biceps level.

young man orange polo shirt 90s



Avoid all fantasies! No bright colors, stripes or excessive logo. Stay here on a sober and solid color: white, heather gray and navy blue are excellent choices.




The material must be 100% natural, no exceptions allowed. The ribbing must be sewn neatly and must not curl. Check the solidity and regularity of the overlock seams.
Finally, pay particular attention to the quality of the collar, which should be slightly rigid and thick. Nothing worse than a rebellious polo collar!




If the model popularized by Lacoste remains the market leader, many creative alternatives have appeared. Some more polo shirts, with a deeper buttonhole and long sleeves, appeared in blouses and high-end designers like Marchand Drapier or G. Inglese.


If the most used material is cotton pique in the entry level, all materials are allowed, including chambray, linen, 
silk and more and more merino wool!



This garment is typically French, its inventor is none other than the famous tennis player René Lacoste.

In the early 1920s, tennis was essentially an aristocratic sport, players only wear long-sleeved shirts.

Lacoste, then number one, invented a shirt with shortened sleeves and buttonholes, which he unveiled for the first time in 1926. The knit of this piece, cotton jersey pique, absorbs perspiration better while being lighter and more comfortable than vintage shirts.

Meeting a major success on tennis courts, the polo shirt has become popular as a symbol of sporting success, part of a chic sportswear aesthetic tinged with preppy.

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