Tips : How to choose well his jacket?

Our advice on the jackets and blazers

in order To avoid false-not, check the following points :


zoom collar and dropped shoulder blazer wool gray



the collar of the shirt is apparent, even at the level of the nape of the neck. There is no gap between the collar of the shirt and the jacket. And shoulders break cleanly, without any folds, the stitching on the bone.

zoom button blazer closed



Slight folds of voltage are formed in a star at the level of the first button. In general we can pass a clenched fist between the first button and the sternum.


zoom-bending blazer wool donegal grey dark green



The bending moulds to your forms without you compress.

zoom sleeve blazer grey wool



Arms are released, the sleeve will end at approximately 2 cm from your cubitus.


zoom back size blazer grey wool



It is necessary that there is the least amount of folds possible in the back of the jacket.

zoom reverse plated blazer grey wool



The setback must be applied on the chest.



To verify the quality of your blazer, check the following points :

  • Buttonhole open with buttons in horn, wood, or corozo.
  • Fabrics made of 100% natural fibers (cotton, flax, wool, cashmere etc).
  • No crease does not appear on the blazer after a few months of wear (the material does bubble not).



For the little story, the blazer was born at the end of the Nineteenth century.




The origin of flamboyant and decorated with a coat of arms whose colours were a rowing club, it was a means of distinction between the different clubs.

Since then, he has crossed the times, and adapt to it. Today's icon of masculine elegance, it is also good to go to work than to go for a drink with friends.

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