Tips: How to choose your cardigan?

Our advice on sweaters and cardigans

To avoid missteps, check the following:


zoom couture shoulder sweater bordeaux bongueule



The seams end on the shoulder.

zoom silhouette fit burgundy merino sweater



A cut that draws your figure without shaping you.

If you opt for a V-neck, make sure it is not too deep to avoid the bad taste effect.



We strongly recommend that you do not buy knitted clothing where the presence of synthetic material exceeds 20% (polyester, polyamide, acrylic, nylon, spandex).

This is the threshold beyond which the material will make you sweat and lose its naturally thermoregulating properties.


You can go to a turtleneck, a big shawl cardigan or a boat neck sweater (buttoned on the shoulder).

The main thing is to check that it is adjusted enough to prevent it from yawning after the fibers are relaxed.



The largest wool producing countries are Australia, China and New Zealand. Today, more than a billion sheep produce around 2 million tonnes of wool! Once the sheep is shorn, the wool is washed, dyed and then spun.
world map china australia new zealand
Whether the wool is processed on small farms or industrially, only two-thirds of total wool production is used for clothing.



The quality of a merino wool is expressed in the form "super fine extra"(Then a number from 80 to 200). The higher the number, the finer and softer the fiber.

The merino sheep produce high quality fibers, but are not the best. Other animals like goats (cashmereand mohair), camelids (alpaca, vicunaand camel) or angora rabbits produce finer and therefore softer fibers. Much rarer, they are often mixed.


picto sheep llama and yak wool


Bling point: 10 times more expensive than cashmere,vicunais the most expensive fiber in the world!


Some lower quality products whose fibers have been recycled may still display 100% wool / pure wool.

The name "new wool"may contain 7% other fibers (synthetic) although the label says" 100% wool ". This legal ratio drops to 0.3% for the designation" pure virgin wool ".

woolmark wool logo

The label WOOLMARK guarantees the use of premium virgin wool from healthy, living animals.

It’s a great indicator!

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