Conseils : Comment bien choisir sa taille de chaussures ?

Tips : How to choose the right size of shoes ?

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Yes, as a garment is badly worn is not pleasant to look at, so many shoes are too big or too small may your feet hurt or back. It is important, the back.

Let's start from the beginning : to know his shoe size. For this, you can measure your feet with a pédimètre (the plastic foot that we have all experienced a child) or even a sheet of paper. Attention, remember to measure with your socks.

Then, convert the measurement in centimeters in shoe size using the following table :

Now you know your size, but this is not enough ! We want you to know that your shoe size may vary according to the brands but also models of shoes.

So here are a few points to take into account when purchasing shoes be sure to find the right size :

  • In length, there must be a small space at the tip of the shoe you can move the big toe. It is very important that a shoe does stretch out never ;
  • In width, you should feel a small pressure (without being painful), the shoe will relax then a few millimeters after the first ports ;
  • Do not be afraid if the heel slips slightly at the beginningit will slip less when the heel counter will be done to your foot ;
  • Finally attention, do not rely on guarantors to find out if the shoe you are going to, this is not an indicator.

Also note that find shoes in his size is a matter of subjectivity. Will find some more comfortable shoes a little bigger, while others will feel tight.


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