Tips: How to choose the right shoe size?

Yes, as badly worn clothing is not pleasant to look at, as much shoes that are too large or too small can also hurt your feet or back. The back is important.

Let's start with the beginning : know your shoe size. For this, you can measure your feet with a pedometer (the plastic foot we all knew as a child) or a sheet of paper. Attention, remember to measure them with your socks.

Then convert the measurement to centimeters in shoe size using the following table:

You now know your size, but that is not enough! First, be aware that your size may vary depending on the brands but also on the models of shoes.

Here are a few things to consider when buying shoes to be sure to find the right size:

  • In length, there must be a small space at the end of the shoe allowing you to move the big toe. This is very important, especially since a shoe will never stretch;
  • In width, you should feel a little pressure (without being painful), the shoe will then relax a few millimeters after the first wear;
  • Don't be afraid if the heel slips slightly at first, it will slip less when the buttress is made at your foot;
  • Finally be careful, do not trust the guarantors to find out if the shoe fits you, this is not an indicator.

Also note that finding shoes that fit you is a matter of subjectivity. Some will find slightly larger shoes more comfortable, while others will like to feel tight.


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