Tips : 4 tips to wear the turtleneck with style


1. The effect light

The turtleneck to the feature frame the face and highlight it. So be smart : take advantage of color for you to benefit. Well chosen, it will enhance your complexion and reduces signs of fatigue.

How to do it? Bet on a soft color that will give light instantly to your face. For example, a sweater cream (often more flattering than white) softens the features. Ditto with the grey gentle or delicate pink.

Here's a tip : If your black sweater is too severe, slide underneath a turtleneck cream. This is very much in vogue now in Europe.


1. The effect light

2. The collar anti-age

Unfortunately, the neck betrays our age. Use, therefore, of the turtleneck to hide the passage of time. The effect is magical!

How to do it? Choose a collar that rises up and surrounds your neck. Your face will be put forward. To balance the look, accentuate your eyes or mouth.

Here's a tip : If you wear a turtleneck black, don't forget to add an earring to create a touch of light.


2. The collar anti-age

3. The pro style : game size

Be vigilant as to the model of the turtleneck chosen. It can quickly pat you down. Unless it's a silhouette I, beware of sweaters with large stitches. Thick and textured, they tend to increase. Prefer the mesh flexible.

How to do it? So as not to make mistakes of style, stick to the proportions : if you are wearing a turtleneck is very loose-fitting, pair it with a pants time or a slim skirt. The opposite is self-evident : if your sweater is fitted, coordinate with a full skirt.

Here's a tip : Attach the sequins in the sweater. There is nothing better to make a garment less chic. Wear with a turtleneck.


3. The pro style : set of size

4. The style : the overlay

To give a new life to your clothes, put on a turtleneck. It is super trend... and it keeps you warm!

How to do it? Have always on hand an end turtleneck black or cream (prefer it to white!). Then, slide it under your sleeveless dresses, your gowns or even your sweaters.

Here's a tip : In a pull loose, put on a shirt and let the collar, the cuffs and the tails overwhelmed. A super beautiful look!


4. The style 2016 : the overlay

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