Tips: 3 tips to find your colors

You may have noticed that some colors make you look good while others make you look sick. How to find these colors that make you beautiful?

Here are 3 tips to help you find your palette.


1. What colors appeal to you?

Nature does things well, because we are attracted to the colors that favor us. Notice the colors that caught your eye and that make up your wardrobe. What are the dominant colors?

Hot or cold palette

Result: If you have more black, red and pink, you are probably in the cold palette. Look for colors that have silvery, bluish or pinkish hues. Avoid ocher yellows, khaki greens or golden browns.

If it’s brown, orange and green, you’re likely to benefit from the warm palette. Think of the beautiful fall leaves. Choose gold, rust, burgundy, eggplant, forest greens, burnt oranges. Prefer the navy over black.



2. What color is your natural hair?

Whether red, blonde, brown or black, the hair sometimes has golden highlights, sometimes ashy. What reflections do you notice in your hair? Are they golden or ashy? If your hair is colored, remember how it looked when you were young or analyze your regrowth.

Result: If your hair has golden highlights, you are certainly in the palette of warm shades. Bet on copper or red color as well as golden highlights. If they are ashy, you are more for the cold palette. Opt for ashy locks, brown, purple, platinum or even black coloring.


Véronique Cloutier and Julie Bélanger


Véronique Cloutier has golden reflections. It is favored by the warm and bright shades of the "spring" palette - photo Aubainerie / Julie Bélanger has ashy reflections. It is favored by the cold and soft shades of the "summer" palette - photo Rhythm



3. What color of lipstick is best for you?

The color of your makeup is also chosen according to your color palette. Something to find yours, try two shades of lipstick: one coral or orange, the other pinkish or bluish red. Which one makes you smile the most?

Result: women in the cold palette prefer rosés while those in the hot palette rely on oranges.

Dior lipstick

Dior coral and orange-red lipsticks (warm palette) / pink and purplish-pink lipsticks (cold palette)


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