Conseils : 3 trucs pour trouver vos couleurs

Tips : 3 tricks to find your colors

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You have probably noticed that certain colors give you good looks, while others make you look sick. How to find those shades that make you beautiful?

Here are 3 tips that will help you to find your palette.


1. What are the colors that attract you?

The nature made well the things, because we are attracted by the colors which we all benefit. So note the colors that have snagged your eye and that make up your wardrobe. What are the dominant colors?

Palette chaude ou froide

Result : If you have more black, red and pink, you are probably in the palette cold. Look for colors that have a silvery sheen, blue or pink. Avoid the yellow ochre, green khaki, or brown gold.

If it is made of brown, orange and green, you are without doubt boosted by the palette of warm. Think of the beautiful autumn leaves. Choose gold, rust, bordeaux, aubergine, green, forest, orange, burnt. Prefer navy to black.



2. What color are your natural hair?

They are red, blond, brown or black, the hair of glare sometimes golden brown, sometimes ashy. What reflections do you notice in your hair? Are they golden or ashy? If your hair are colored, remember their appearance when you were young or look at your regrowth.

Result : If you hair has gold highlights, you are definitely in the palette of warm hues. Bet on coloring copper or red, as well as the strands of gold. If they are ashy, you are rather for the cold colors. Opt for wicks, ash, brownish, purple, platinum, or even black.


Véronique Cloutier et Julie Bélanger


Véronique Cloutier has gold highlights. It is favoured by warm, bright colours of the palette "spring" – photo'aubainerie /Julie Bélanger has highlights ashy. It is boosted by the cool shades and sweet to the palette "summer" – photo Pace



3. What color of lipstick you advantage?

The color of your make-up is chosen also according to your color palette. A trick to find your own, try two shades of lipstick: a coral or orange, the other pink or red-bluish. Which makes you the most beautiful smile?

Result : the women of the cold colors prefer pink, while those of the palette of warm focus on the orange.

Rouge à lèvres Dior

The red lip coral and red-orange (palette of warm) / red lips rosy and pink-purple (cold colors) Dior


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