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Conseils : Comment bien porter son polo ?

Tips : How to properly wear his polo ?

This garment is typically French, the inventor is none other than the famous tennis player René Lacoste. In the early 1920s, tennis is mainly a sport of belonging to the aristocratic, the players wear long-sleeved shirts.


Tips : DRESS ACCORDING to HER figure

Each of our silhouette and so each of our tips to highlight ! Above all, we need to determine what kind of silhouette we belong to be able to apply the right tricks of morpho-style. For each silhouette, there are 50 secrets to remember, there are some major principles to know absolutely and you can easily have in mind when you do your shopping.


Conseils : Comment bien choisir son pantalon?

Tips : How to choose well his pants?

The pants is not the result of an invention but the result of many developments.

In the West, his ancestors are his breeches (a kind of shorts) which will then be hose and high hose in the Middle Ages. It will have to wait for the end of the Eighteenth century to the trousers as we know it appears.