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  • Tips : How to dress when you're a man, BEEFY, or MUSCULAR ?

    The vast majority of brands are looking to dress-up the human "average". And if the industry has made efforts for some years to dress the slender and the small, well-muscled, on the other hand are still struggling to find clothes that suit their body shape. Voir le message
  • Tips: How to wear a polo shirt?

    This garment is typically French, its inventor is none other than the famous tennis player René Lacoste. In the early 1920s, tennis was essentially an aristocratic sport, players only wear long-sleeved shirts.

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    To each our own Silhouette and so to each our tips to highlight! First of all, you have to know which category of silhouette we belong to in order to be able to apply the right morpho-style tricks. For each silhouette, there are not 50 secrets to remember, there are some strong principles to know absolutely and that you can easily remember when shopping.


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